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A Volunteer Enlistment Site for the Tishomingo County High School Band!

Thanks for Visiting!

This website is for the sole purpose of recruiting volunteers for the Tishomingo County High School Band. The very fact that you have visited our site proves that you really want to make a difference. The TC Band is responsible for the concession stands at all home football games and it takes many dedicated individuals to keep this service and help to the band operating. On this site, you will find a schedule of home football games, announcements of needs for band members.


Our band students and our community really need your involvement in our concession stand. On the calendar page of this website, you will be able to sign up for home football games of which you can serve. In addition to benefiting our band members and providing a valuable service to our community during football games, each band member who has a family member or friend to serve in the concession stand will be entered into a drawing to have their band camp expenses at either Itawamba Community College or Northeast Mississippi Community College waived. This is a $200 incentive!


We need you. Thanks for your consideration in assisting in our concession stands. Please take time to browse this site and sign up today. God bless!! If you have any questions, please feel free to complete a contact form. Someone will contact you the same day.


Concession Stand Volunteer Recruiters
Crystal Pittman
Michelle Haimes
Jon Haimes